Gerwin Luijendijk







Fictive Ideas, Recycled Thoughts, video-installation, 2014

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Gerwin Luijendijk's video works, which assembled the exhibition Fictive Ideas, Recycled Thoughts (Gallery Joey Ramone), focus on their own making. Luijendijk challenges his subjects by creating situations through set-ups in which the camera provokes an activity of the performer. This activity is subject to coincidence, and both the artist and the performer are constantly trying to maintain control over their own goal within the process. This creates moments of failure and frustration, often manifested in a humorous fashion.

The installation concists of two video projections (Shoka Shimputai and Dunedance) both connected through a abstract 'Japanese' wooden screen and a sand sculpture. Shoka Shimputai is beamed on the back of the screen while the sand sculpture represents a Japanese sand garden element.




Installation overview with screen and sand sculpture